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Pretty Damn Funny

I thought it was, at least. Its crazy how these slipknot fans are so sensitive. Im a die hard Metallica fan, If this had been about them you would have gotten the same score from me. All you tards with your non-constructive comments should calm down and talk like you would if the author was standing right in front of you.


Nuff said


The first time I saw a clock movie I thought it was funny, merely because of the sythesized voice. I no longer do. Synthesized voices, stray pop icons (Mojo Jojo, muppets ect.) are abused to add a tiny bit of humor. At least this one wasnt dripping in unfunny sexual speeches. *cough*PUBEMUPPET*cough* In short, this toon should fuck off and let me be.

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Dis is sum pooed up squak, yo!

I definatly hate windows, it seems to get worse and take up more system resources with every new edition. I for one think you made the restarting procedure should be longer! It takes my Windows 98 computer at least 3 to 4 minutes to restart. I often think of installing linux, but my girlfreind would probably kill me, plus I couldent play counterstrike...yet. (not that it runs very well as is) Any how, funny flash, keep it up.

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Purdie Gud

Not bad, what program didja use? One bit i didnt like, in the few bars before the vocal sample it sounds like their is a very quiet drum loop going on, not sure, but it sounds off beat. The drums after the sample are just fine.

Nice cuts

Good job on that man, dont you hate it when you get an idea in your head and you HAVE to work it out? Good job on the samples and cutin up the loop, I know how hard that can be. Keep eet moovin

Gusto responds:

yeah, it can be a pain. I only used one sample though, the one in the background, the rest was my own fruity crap :P

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